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Affordable Home Improvement Program loans cannot exceed $10,000.00.

Loan Terms:

*Payment Example: Monthly payments for a $20,000 used auto loan at 2.5% APR for a term of 5 years would result in 60 monthly payments of $354.95. Subject to credit card approval. Advertised rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

Loan Application

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Basic Requirements

To Qualify: You have Good Credit including sufficient income and assets to support your existing debt obligations and requested loan amount.

Note: LightStream loans are not available to non-resident aliens.

To Apply: You need to 1) acknowledge receipt of our Statement on the Use of Electronic Records (click to review); 2) agree to receive electronic records; and 3) agree to use electronic signatures to sign your loan agreement.

If Approved: Prior to receiving loan proceeds, you must have a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card (for verification purposes only, no charges will be applied).

Use of Loan Proceeds: Loan proceeds must be used for the loan purpose selected on the application. Loan proceeds may not be used for industrial, commercial, or professional (i.e., business) purposes.


Other "Annual" Income Changed

By selecting No, the income data that has been entered will be cleared. Do you still wish to change the Other Annual Income status on this application?

If you are relying on the income or assets of a spouse, domestic partner, or another individual, please complete a joint application. Thank you.

By selecting "Joint," you are applying for joint credit and are relying on joint income and assets as the basis for repayment of the credit requested.

By selecting "Individual," you are applying for individual credit in your name and are relying on your income and assets and not the income or assets of another person as the basis for repayment of the credit requested.

If other, please describe. Please note that we do not offer business loans and, as such, the primary use of your loan cannot be for commercial, industrial, or professional (i.e., "business") purposes.

Please note that we are currently unable to 1) provide loans used to fund college or post-secondary education expenses, or 2) refinance previous college or post-secondary education loans.

If your application is approved, your credit profile will determine whether your loan will be unsecured or secured.

Zip code entered not found, please review your zip code and enter your state of residence.

We do not accept military residential addresses.

A Florida documentary stamp tax , in the amount of {{LoanApp.FloridaDocStampTax | currency }} will be added to your loan amount then transmitted for payment on your behalf. Stamp tax is not included when determining loan interest rate.

Please enter an amount greater than or equal to {{rates.MinLoanAmount | currency}}

Please select a loan purpose

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Affordable Home Improvement Program loans cannot exceed $10,000

Please enter a term greater than or equal to {{rates.MinTerm}}

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Please remember to include any additional tax, titling, or registration fees in your requested loan amount.


Monthly Payment: {{LoanAppRates.EstimatedMonthlyPayment.Min | currency }} to {{LoanAppRates.EstimatedMonthlyPayment.Max | currency }}

Interest Rate/APR: {{LoanAppRates.Rate.Min * 100 | number:2 }}% to {{LoanAppRates.Rate.Max * 100 | number:2 }}%

Exact rate within this range is determined by your credit profile.

Car Buying Service Monthly Payment: {{LoanAppRates.TrueCarEstimatedMonthlyPayment.Min | currency }} to {{LoanAppRates.TrueCarEstimatedMonthlyPayment.Max | currency }}

Car Buying Service Interest Rate/APR: {{LoanAppRates.TrueCarRate.Min * 100 | number:2 }}% to {{LoanAppRates.TrueCarRate.Max * 100 | number:2 }}%

Learn more about how to qualify for the {{LoanAppRates.MarketingOrganizationName}} discounted interest rate. >>

At LightStream, we care about the environment and, more importantly, we try to do something about it. For one, we have created a paperless consumer loan experience at LightStream. By eliminating paper almost entirely from the LightStream loan process, we not only save our natural resources but we save on expenses as well, better enabling us to offer you highly competitive interest rates.

In addition, for every loan that we fund for our customers, we will have a tree planted in one of our country's fragile habitat communities currently under restoration.

For every loan we plant a tree
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